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07-09-2020 15:22

Hard Rock Cafe is reviving this summer season with a rockin' line up of the first-ever Hard Rock Cafe Festival 2020, taking place from Saturday August 29 through Friday September 25 2020 at Lisbon.

For guests dining in at the Cafe, the Hard Rock Cafe Festival 2020 will feature limited-time music festival inspired food and cocktail menus perfect for sharing. Guests can select either two or three festival bites, which include all-new items or fun twists on loved Hard Rock classics.

Check out the menu for the festival here:


Book your table:


More information:

Masks are mandatory for adults and recommended for children. It is also recommended that you reserve your table online.

Tourism visits to the restaurant are not permitted for now.

Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon is opened every day from 12am to 12pm. Bar only serves until 8pm, always following safety rules.

Hard Rock Shop is working from 10am to 8pm.

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