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Every Sunday join us in the BEST ROCK NIGHT IN TOWN! Every Sunday from 01:00 until 06:00 the night is yours! Gustelist free till 2:00 6€/9€15€ for others DJ a Boy named sue Sunday! Para uns dia de limpezas, para outros é dia de ressaca. Na realidade, domingo á noite é dia de leather! Rock&Roll, saltos altos, muita dança e um grande decote. A Boy Named Sue dá à pista a música necessária para um domingo sensual. Sunday for some people a cleaning day, for others hangover day. But in our reality, sunday night is LEATHER night! Rock&Roll, high-heals, a lot of dance and a big cleavage. A Boy Named Sue will give the dancefloor the necessary music for a sensual night.


Sunday, 03/06, 2018 23:55 - 05:55
Sunday, 17/06, 2018 23:55 - 05:55
Sunday, 24/06, 2018 23:55 - 05:55
Sunday, 01/07, 2018 23:55 - 05:55




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