Molly Burch

MusicBox • Cais do Sodré, Lisboa

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Qua. 03/07

Quarta, 3 de julho • MusicBox 22:00 - 23:45

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Molly Burch took over the indie circuit with her powerful voice, back in 2017, emerging as one-of-a-kind talent to behold. In 2018, the texan returned with “First Flower”, a well-balanced set of songs where her velvety voice encounters the perfect setting to excel. Guitars with spring reverbs, carefully composed arrangements and delicate melodies provide Burch with a newfound energy, allowing her voice to take over again and again, taking us to new places. More than just another record, Molly Burch’s new opus is an enchantment cast to make sure we can never leave this paradise of sweet melodies and soothing harmonies.

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MusicBox R. Nova do Carvalho Cais do Sodré, Lisboa

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